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About Us

At Bearse USA, we are sewing contractors to the core. We were established in 1921 and have been partnering with our customers to make the finest sewn products available. We serve a customer base of over 250 companies. Our main product areas include tactical bags, custom bags, cases, pouches, and other non-apparel items. We also carry a wide selection of in-stock bags that you will find featured on our website. Cutting, imprinting, and sewing... we are your turnkey solution.

To our customers, we promise the following:

  • our commitment to unsurpassed quality and integrity
  • our best possible pricing, whether domestic or import
  • high quality products that match your specifications

Long term relationships with our customers are the key to our success. Our target customer is an established company with an established budget. On a case by case basis, we will consider working with new ventures or new companies.

Visit the contact page to call, fax, e-mail, and get started with us today.

** Note:We do not manufacture any type of clothing or designer handbags. **

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