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Contract Cutting

Contract Cutting

Bearse USA not only manufactures sewn products, we also undertake contract cutting projects for several companies with a need for low to medium volume cutting.

Computerized, Die, or Hand knife cutting of textile materials. We can do it all. Also, digital web cutters for straps and other accessories.

Computerized Cutting
Using Gerber Cutworks software, our cutting quality is consistently accurate and optimizes the fabric yield, so you save more money. If you send us your cut and/or marker files, we can import them and start working for you immediately.

Die Cutting
When each and every piece has to be exactly replicated, die cutting is a great choice. It is also a great choice for heavier materials and pieces with tight turns and corners.

Electric Hand Cutting
The tried and true method of textile cutting. Though it has largely been replaced by newer technology, there are certain cutting applications that call for it. Our Eastman Blue Streak cutting knives can still do the trick.