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Manufacturing Philosophy & Business Model

For over 80 years, Bearse USA has been producing quality products in the United States. It has always been and will continue to be our first priority to maintain our manufacturing roots. Our business has been passed down three generations and we like to think that we can maintain the same ideals of our founders. However, many changes have occurred over the years. Our competition is no longer across town, or just over the state border. We live in a truly global economy today. We compete against companies that are subsidized by their government and pay their employees less than one dollar an hour. That is the facts. We can't spend our time crying foul while our employees and customers rely on us. In the end, these changes have been demanded by the marketplace.

So today we are a company that sells product made both in the United States and imported from overseas. For those who buy our product made in the U.S., we salute you. We believe our domestic products provide value in their quality, lead times, and shorter runs. For those who import, we have established relationships that can provide you high quality product and very attractive pricing. In addition, they have been certified by international standards boards.

Today, we are better prepared to serve you from whatever location makes most sense for your business. It's best for you and our employees. As always, we appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.

When is it best to choose Made in USA manufacturing?

For customers with lots of part numbers, low quantities and/or short lead times, we suggest domestic manufacturing. While pricing may be higher, communication, flexibility, and logistics are at a premium in these situations. Of course, if you are selling to market where the Made in the USA label has appeal, it's always the best option.