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More Industrial & OEM Sewing Solutions

Our Industrial Division has over 80 years experience helping our customers with their sewing needs. We have worked with hundreds of OEM's and industrial companies to make products that match their exact specifications. A complete list of our industrial products is available below. However, our product line is only limited by what our customers have asked to do in the past.

Our customers perceive us not as a product manufacturer, but as a service provider.
We would like the opportunity to earn your business.

Industrial Division
Advertising Bags
Air Conditioner Covers
Anti-Tarnish Bags
Barracks Bags
Boat Covers
Canvas Bags
Canvas Covers
Cargo Covers
Cargo Straps
Carpenters Aprons
Cloth Covers
Cloth Filter Bags
Coin Bags
Combination Bags
Computer Covers
Cotton Bags
Drawing Board Covers
Drawstring Bags
Dust Collector Bags
Dust Collector Tubes
Film Bags
Filter Cones
Flame Resistant Bags
Flannel Bags
Headrest Covers
Instrument Cases
Instrument Covers
Insulated Blankets
Insulated Drum Covers

Insulated Pallet Covers
Lawnmower Bags
Machine Covers
Machinery Boots
Machinery Sleeves
Mail Bags
Medical Cases
Medical Instrument Covers
Money Bags
Multi-purpose Bags
Nylon Bags
Nylon Covers
Office Machine Covers
Pet Bags
Power Tool Dust Bags
Protective Covers
Pullman Bags
Shipping Bags
Sweeper Bags
Tool Bags
Truck Covers
Utility Bags
Vacuum Cleaner Bags
Vinyl Covers
Web Strap Assemblies
Webbing Straps

Cash Bags Webbing Straps